WELCOME TO The Hickory Tree Grill


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Hickory Tree Grill features the finest Texas and regional cuisine around.  BBQ, Tex Mex, and Cajun are heavy influences on the menu and we have tried to pair ingredients in a unique and creative way.  We use a variety of wood in the preparation of our foods and local woods play an integral role in flavor development at The Hickory Tree.  Come relax in our spacious bar with one of our signature cocktails and let us prepare a tasty meal for you.  We offer live music on certain nights so check our Facebook page for details. 

top notch Texas and regional cuisine

Monday - Thursday

Breakfast: 7am - 11am

Lunch/Dinner: 11am - 9pm

Breakfast: 7am - 11am

Lunch/Dinner: 11am - 9pm

Late Night: 9pm-10pm

Breakfast: 7am - 3pm

Lunch/Dinner: 3pm - 9pm

Late Night: 9pm - 10pm


Breakfast:  7:am - 3pm

Lunch/Dinner: 3pm - 9pm